C3: carbon

C3’s suite of web3-enabled products increase access to the carbon market.


Built for you

Bridge, stake, source and retire carbon credits on the blockchain today.

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All transactions are automatically reconciled when you bridge direct from the registry, meaning you won’t be waiting for us.
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Bridge your own credits, or purchase already tokenized credits via our third party providers with crypto or credit card.
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Permanently retire your credits on-chain to verify your carbon neutrality.

Built for


Use our burn functionality to offset your carbon credits, or hold them on your balance sheet as part of your investment strategy.

DeFi Natives

Connect via Metamask or WalletConnect and get started immediately with low fees and quick transactions on the Polygon network.

Web3 Newcomers

Get involved in the Web3 carbon markets in minutes, sign up with your email and check out with your credit or debit card.

Carbon markets

Quickly bring your credits on-chain and leverage the liquidity, transparency, and interoperability of decentralized financial applications.

Incentives you’ll love


C3 is given to those who tokenize carbon credits on chain.

  • Bridging rewards are given in C3
  • Use veC3 to boost rewards up to 100%
  • Vote to boost your carbon token up to 100%

Liquidity mining

C3 is given to those who provide liquidity

  • Use veC3 to boost rewards up to 100%
  • Vote to increase your pool rewards up to 50%


C3 is given to those who hold assets in the carbon vaults.

  • Hold veC3S to boost rewards up to 250%
  • Vote for your token to boost base rewards up to 50%

Buy with a card or
swap your crypto

  • Use your credit or debit card to buy carbon credits.
  • Use Sushi Swap to swap your existing crypto.
  • Get C3 ‘rewards’ for every tonne you bridge.

You’re in good company

  • Polygon network, for fast, cheap and energy efficient transactions.
  • Aither, one of Europe’s largest carbon project developers and credit traders.
  • KlimaDAO, a carbon-backed algorithmic digital cryptocurrency which is the home of the on-chain carbon market.

The future of carbon markets is
here, are you ready for it?