A bridge to a better world

C3 is a new automated way to interface with blockchain to help people support a fairer and more trustworthy green planet.

Features you'll love


All transactions are automatically reconciled when you bridge direct from the carbon credit registry, meaning you won’t be waiting for us!


Bring your own credits over the bridge or purchase via our third party providers with crypto or with a credit card.


You can permanently retire your credits on chain to verify your carbon neutrality.

Built for

Incentives you'll love


C3 is given to those who tokenize carbon credits on chain.

Liquidity mining

To incentivize people to provide liquidity, rewards are given in the native governance tokens.


Rewards are given for holding assets on chain in the carbon vault.

More on incentives

Buy with a card or swap your crypto

Coming soon!

  • Use your credit or debit card to buy carbon credits.
  • Use Sushi Swap to swap your existing crypto .
  • Get C3 'rewards' for every tonne you bridge.

You're in good company

We're working with the biggest and the best

  • Polygon network, for fast, cheap and energy efficient transactions.
  • Aither, one of Europe's largest carbon project developers and credit traders.
  • KlimaDAO, a carbon-backed algorithmic digital currency which has created novel incentive mechanisms for the Voluntary Carbon Market.
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The future of carbon markets is here, are you ready for it?