As quick as shopping

Connect via Metamask or WalletConnect and get started immediately with low fees on Polygon, an energy efficient and fast blockchain.

Why you should use C3

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Fully automated

With APIs enabled for the major carbon registries, you can bridge easily and quickly - 24/7.
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Use your email or your wallet

Whether you are new to web3 or a proficient user, this solution has everything you need to get started.
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You can permanently retire your credits on-chain to verify your carbon neutrality.
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Pay with card or swap your crypto

Pay with your credit or debit card or swap your crypto directly on the site for your tokenised carbon credits. Coming soon!
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Incentives for using C3

Actions such as bridging, staking, and providing liquidity are rewarded in tokens.
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C3 is a governance token, given you the power to be part of the decisions we make together going forward.