Why c3

Today, Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) are opaque, heavily intermediated, and illiquid. C3’s  innovative solution is powered by Web3 technology and enables the carbon markets to directly address these inefficiencies. Ultimately, our infrastructure aims to accelerate capital flows to high-impact carbon mitigation and removal projects across the globe.

C3 is in a mission to connect the world of DeFi with the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM)

To achieve this, we offer permissionless, accessible and intuitive Web3 infrastructure that gives all players the opportunity to contribute to the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) economy. For C3, ReFi refers to the environment and our climate, and how the cost of carbon can be internalised into DeFi.


To facilitate the growth of environmental finance and unlock the opportunity, we are developing three key products.


Taking immediate and decisive action on climate change is mission critical for our planet’s survival.

  • A carbon Bridge to create composable carbon assets backed by the robustness of the ICROA-endorsed carbon credits
  • Tokens that enable direct participation with C3’s governance process, and that incentivise participation.
  • Project Development Gateway to help scale supply within the VCM.