C3 Liquidity Gauges Launched

Carbonates, we’re ready for the next phase of our staged launch, with our Liquidity Gauges going live.

Please stay tuned in our Discord and follow our Twitter for ongoing updates. Here we will share addresses for the SushiSwap pools.

Users who participated in the IDO and LBP should have now received or claimed their tokens.

  • C3 has been distributed to the wallet address of the IDO participants which was used to send FRAX.
  • Participants in the LBP can redeem their aBO and convert it into UBO and NBO at the following address: https://bridge.c3.app/redeem-abo

C3 Liquidity Gauges are now live, as follows:

  • UBO/KLIMA and NBO/KLIMA liquidity pairs for trading carbon assets. Note that these are using the Trident router system.
  • C3/FRAX in order to unlock liquidity for our trading assets
  • KLIMA/USDC for a more stable pair who do not want exposure to the carbon assets.

Emissions for Liquidity Providers will be ramped up over a 4 week period to foster a gradual ramping up of activity from LPs:

  • Week 1: 25% of rewards emitted
  • Week 2: 50% of rewards emitted
  • Week 3: 75% of rewards emitted
  • Week 4: 100% of rewards emitted.

Additionally, veC3 rewards will be enabled as well; 1% of the total ecosystem rewards are given to these holders.

To achieve the maximum boost rewards of 2x, the ratio established are as follows:

  • For KLIMA/USDC, 400 veC3 per KLIMA in the LP will be required.
  • For C3/FRAX, 4 veC3 per C3 in the LP will be required.

The relevant token addresses for C3 assets and pairs are as follows:

  • C3: 0xad01DFfe604CDc172D8237566eE3a3ab6524d4C6
  • NBO: 0x6BCa3B77C1909Ce1a4Ba1A20d1103bDe8d222E48
  • UBO: 0x2B3eCb0991AF0498ECE9135bcD04013d7993110c
  • FRAX: 0x45c32fA6DF82ead1e2EF74d17b76547EDdFaFF89
  • USDC: 0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174
  • FXS: 0x1a3acf6D19267E2d3e7f898f42803e90C9219062
  • KLIMA: 0x4e78011Ce80ee02d2c3e649Fb657E45898257815

The LP address and gauge addresses are as follows:

UBO/KLIMA (Trident Pool)

Follow this link to add LP

  • LP Address: 0x5400A05B8B45EaF9105315B4F2e31F806AB706dE
  • Gauge Address: 0x1bBD517909956bDEb95D682229FBB64B207B1006

NBO/KLIMA (Trident Pool)

Follow this link to add LP

  • LP Address: 0x251cA6A70cbd93Ccd7039B6b708D4cb9683c266C
  • Gauge Address: 0xfEA7F8b2C038d4a704a182bE4142283C0d1AF477

C3/FRAX (legacy Pool)

Follow this link to add LP

  • LP Address: 0xb5600746f947c25c0cbc36429f87e6c88f9d6a88
  • Gauge Address: 0x688B46E4dE414b8E7cbDdfaBA7F2AFfC63EEa386

Follow this link to add LP

  • LP Address: 0x5786b267d35f9d011c4750e0b0ba584e1fdbead1
  • Gauge Address: 0x9F769F7cedf8D2df6bCcD9bddeb1c73c214E3513

C3 strongly recommends that users always verify addresses with official sources from Medium and Discord prior to interacting with any token or contract.

Per our Roadmap, our retirement functionality, bridging gauges and staking gauges will be delivered incrementally in the following weeks.

We will continue to engage with our partners at KlimaDAO after the passing of their KIP-15 to become strategic partners to establish our deeper integration within ReFi.

Stay tuned.

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